Commercial Gate Systems in Chino

Commercial Gate Systems in Chino
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Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we specialize in the installation, service, and maintenance on access control systems and gated entry systems. But our expertise goes much further than knowledge about the design, installation, repair and replace residential, municipal, industrial and commercial gate openers and operators. We also specialize in the installation, service, and maintenance of entire commercial gate systems in Chino.

At Automated Gate Services, we also provide our clients with various options, including electric sliding gates, automatic security gates, industrial electric gates and dual- or single-swing gates. We also carry and install a variety of radio and remote devices, access control devices, security features, telephone entry systems, cell phone openers and much more. Part of our outstanding service involves working with the best types of equipment on the market.

At Automated Gate Services, we ensure that our team of service professionals and technicians provide the following standards of service to all customers:

  • Work with clients to envision a project based on your business’ needs
  • Design a project that includes all appropriate security features and meets all safety standards
  • Provide expert opinions and guidance
  • Develop a plan to work within your budget, schedule, and desired time frame
  • Use the best and highest-quality materials, components, equipment and hardware in commercial gate systems
  • Provide exceptional and personalized customer service

If you wish to learn more about Automated Gate Services Inc., and the installation and repair of commercial gate systems in Chino, contact us today at (888)428-3711 to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to discuss and evaluate the best options and a plan of action for the installation or repair of your commercial gate system.