Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company in Riverside

Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company in Riverside

Automatic gates for residences and businesses alike are becoming more commonplace than ever before because of the added security and protection they offer. They are highly convenient and quite affordable options in home safety systems. Numerous choices are available regarding design and style so that you can be sure that the gate complements your building and landscape. Turn to a trusted automated gate installation service & repair company in Riverside like Automated Gate Services.

Here are a few distinct advantages to adding an automatic gate to your property:

  • It ensures privacy. Your safety is in your hands, as you fully control operation of the gate and who is permitted access and departure.
  • Safety is easier to maintain. Boundaries for family members, pets or customers are established. Again, you oversee who comes in and out. Gates come in all shapes and sizes to meet your particular requirements.
  • Automatic gates are very convenient. No one wants to have to get out of a vehicle, walk to the gate, unlock it, return to the vehicle, drive through the gate, exit again, walk to the gate, lock it and return to your auto. A simple remote control, key pad, sensor or card reader saves you time (and potentially getting wet!).
  • Unauthorized vehicles, people and animals are not permitted access.
  • Automated gate installation actually saves you money. Many insurance companies offer discounts for the added protection and the system adds value to the property should you decide to sell.
  • Gates are attractive. They change the look of the property for the better and give it high-end appeal.

For a superior automated gate installation service & repair company in Riverside, call the professionals at Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711. We have proudly served the community for almost 40 years and are pleased to offer 24 hour emergency service.