Dwelling Live

Manage all your community systems, anytime, anywhere. Most Advanced Visitor Management and Access Control Solutions Automated Gate Services is a Certified Dealer of dwellingLIVE dwellingLIVE is a fully unified web-based platform that allows you to mix-n-match the perfect community technology solution. Choose what you need, when you need, because all dwellingLIVE modules integrate! • Credentialed … Continue reading Dwelling Live

Century City Condos

Century City is the condominium development everyone is talking about. This building is unprecedented luxury, even by Los Angeles standards. To secure this extraordinary building Automated Gate Services installed a Doorking 1601 barrier gate operator located at the guard station with a 3-button control station. Beyond the barrier gate follows a set of bi-parting swing … Continue reading Century City Condos

IDFlex Product Support & Transition

The Sirit IDFlex RFID reader systems have been a long time flagship of Sirit’s automatic vehicle identification product line however several of the RFID reader’s main components are no longer made by their original manufacturers and are becoming scarce in the component sourcing market. As a result Sirit will be discontinuing the IDFlex reader product … Continue reading IDFlex Product Support & Transition

Motion Computing R12

Designed to empower the worker who moves from the field to the vehicle to the office, the R12ª Platform includes a sleek and lightweight FHD 12.5Ó rugged tablet along with a wide array of thoughtfully designed accessories. All products in the R12 Platform were created by Motion to seamlessly and beautifully work together for incomparable … Continue reading Motion Computing R12


FERNI RESIDENTIAL COLUMN-MOUNT SWING GATE OPERATOR Versatile Solution for Residential Swing Gates The Ferni Residential Column-Mount Swing Gate Operator moves gates up to 13 feet wide. This unique system enables gate automation when the dimensions of a large pillar prevents any other operator from being installed. The Frog offers all the advanced features you demand: … Continue reading Ferni


FROG RESIDENTIAL UNDERGROUND SWING GATE OPERATOR Invisible Solution for Ornamental Swing Gates The Frog Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator is ideal for ornamental swing gates. Installed below grade in a waterproof casing, and protected by a steel access plate that is flush with the driveway surface, it provides an invisible solution. The Frog offers all … Continue reading frog


BX-243 SERIES RESIDENTIAL SLIDE GATE OPERATOR Compact, Modern Solution for Residential Slide Gates The compact, cost-effective BX-243 Slide Gate Operator has a small footprint, making it perfect for many residential applications. When you choose the BX-243, you’ll get choice features: LiftMaster¨ Security+ 2.0ª radio technology 2x the range of standard remotes On-board receiver provides a … Continue reading BX-243 SERIES


Ivanpah Solar Thermal Power Project Automated Gate Services teamed up with Crown Fence Company and recently completed a project for the Ivanpah solar thermal power station. The Ivanpah solar station produces clean, reliable solar energy to more than 140,000 homes. Our scope of work included the installation of (8) Liftmaster 1 Hp, 480 volt, 3 … Continue reading Ivanpah