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Local Automated Gate Designers Earn National Certification


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DATE: December 28, 2015                                                                                   Phone: (937) 698-1027

Local Automated Gate Designers Earn National Certification

Automated Gate Systems Designers with, Automated Gate Services Incorporated, Corona, California has been designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designers by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). The certification credentials have been awarded to: Eldon Baum Jr., Timothy Drake, Keith Johnson, and Steven Johnson.

The Certifications are effective as of January 1, 2016.

IDEA Gate Systems Designer Certification is available to individuals who can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the design of automated gate systems. In addition to the gate system components and technology, the candidates must demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge regarding the two safety standards applicable to automated gates: UL 325 and ASTM F2200. Candidates must pass a comprehensive written examination covering all aspects of gate opener installation, including electrical basics, gate and operator safety standards, proper installation of loops and safety.

The program was created by a coalition of industry organizations to promote public safety, product quality, and facility security. The program authors included subject matter experts from the American Fence Association, the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association, the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association and the International Door Association.

IDEA is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization created in 1995 to serve the general public by promoting safety and high professional standards in the door and access systems industry. IDEA Accreditation is endorsed by the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) and the International Door Association (IDA).

The educational institute also administers professional certification programs for Residential Garage Door Installation, Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technicians, Commercial Rolling Door Systems Technicians, Rolling Steel Fire Door Technicians and Automated Gate Operator Installation.

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Automated Gate Telephone Entry System Installation Service and Repair in Temecula

Automated Gate Telephone Entry System Installation Service and Repair in Temecula

The technologies of today see the methods of operating most things mechanical, electrical or automatic left only to the imagination. This certainly includes residential, commercial and industrial automated gate systems. Regardless of what kind of system it may be, it can most likely be fitted or refitted with a state of the art controlled entry device of choice. A particular system that has proven to be extremely effective and efficient for both single or multiple users combines a tried and true method of communication with state of the art technologies. A quality company with a dedicated team specializing in automated gate telephone entry system installation service and repair in Temecula is ready to put their experience to work.

With near limitless applications, the automated gate telephone entry system seems to have wide popularity in gated communities, industrial and commercial venues as well as personal gated properties.

At a personal residence, a well-trained technician will be able to utilize the telephone software of the home to control the automated gate. The system will have multiple code capacity for each person residing in the home. As will all systems, a camera activation system can also be installed.

For gated communities or other multiple user automatic gate systems,  a highly trained, experienced team of service technicians will be quite knowledgeable in all aspects of gate application including design, install, service and repair. With service second to none, these technicians will be able to;

  • Enter new residents or users
  • Edit new or old user codes
  • Develop specific entry codes for common vendors
  • Update names and numbers of all residents or users
  • Provide regular system transaction reports

For more information about automated gate telephone entry system installation service and repair, give us a call today at Automated Gate Services, (888)428-3711.  We stand behind quality.


Solar Powered Automated Gate Installation Service and Repair in Banning

Industry and individuals alike, all around the globe are seeking more sustainable, clean and effective methods of producing energy. One very particular, very accessible, cost efficient and popular method is solar power. The technologies today are finding solar energy systems quickly making their way into a variety of large and small applications; from commercial buildings and personal homes to running the electrical conveniences of an RV. Those wishing to add automatic gates to a home or commercial property without the perceived high energy cost can also enjoy the cost effective benefits of solar energy.  If this upgrade is in the realm of possibilities, consider a company experienced in solar powered automated gates installation service and repair in Banning.

Solar Powered Automated Gate Installation Service and Repair in Banning

Being a renewable resource, an energy source that is naturally replenished, solar power is very environmentally friendly. To many, this is the number one benefit to having a solar powered automatic gate. For others the benefits of going green with solar energy would be the money saved and the possibility of money made.

Choosing an ‘on’ grid system will see the system tied into the local power company. Any unused energy generated by the solar system can be routed to and purchased by the power company.  An ‘off’ grid solar system will simply store the excess energy produced for later use.

Regardless which solar system is chosen, both can be fitted with battery back up in the event it is necessary.

Topping off the benefits list would be the easy to use power center installed by a certified solar installation technician. This will act as a power converter as well as a monitoring system.

When ready to go green with solar powered automated gate installation service and repair in Banning, call the company that will do the job right. Call Automated Gate Services today at (888)428-3711.



Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in San Bernardino

Having an automated gate system enhancing the appeal and value of a commercial or residential property is only a portion of the many benefits of having a controlled entry system installed. Having a good selection of automatic gate access control devices in San Bernardino will definitely elevate the effectiveness of the system.

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in San Bernardino

The varying new technologies available today minimizes the need for human interaction in the operation of an automated gate system. Energy and cost efficient methods of operation make access easy for those granted entry and restricts those without permission.

The type of access control device used on any particular automated system may depend a great deal on the function of the gate. Regardless whether the gate is being used for commercial purposes, a residential area or in an industrial application any one of the following devices may be employed for the operation of an automatic gate.

  • Mechanical card reader
  • Programmable card reader
  • Scan type card reader
  • Coded key pad
  • License plate tag reader
  • Remotes
  • Intercom
  • Vehicle activated
  • Telephone entry systems

Locating a quality company with the experience in installing automatic gate access control devices will ensure the task is completed correctly and efficiently. Installation technicians that stay current with the ever changing technologies, state of the art products, safety issues and the needs of their clients are sure to win the confidence of their clients. An installation company that will offer a maintenance schedule to ensure the automated gate system remains up to par will allow the client to feel comfortable. An installation company that is fully equipped to make any repair diagnoses on the first call will keep clients coming back.

For more information regarding  the various types or installation of automatic gate access control devices in San Bernardino, give us a call at Automated Gate Services today, (888)428-3711. Your one stop shop for installation, service and repair.


Automatic Gate Installation Service and Repair in Murrieta

People choose to make improvements to their property using a number of different methods for a variety of reasons. The idea being to make the commercial or residential property their own; to make it unique; to stand out from others while maintaining the aesthetics and comfort while at the same time increasing the value. An increasingly popular method of up grading either a commercial or residential property is with an automated gate system. If this is the desired upgrade, it would be most beneficial to contact a complete automatic gate installation service & repair in Murrieta.

Automatic Gate Installation Service and Repair in Murrieta

Employing one company that specializes in commercial and residential automatic gates will ensure consistency throughout the installation. One company with their own electricians, concrete cutters, wrought iron workers and gate automation technicians minimizes miscommunication between contractors.

Having  experienced, qualified technicians completing the service on an automated gate provides piece of mind to all clients. Knowing each technician remains current with new technologies and state of the art products affirms the best technological consideration will be given to every installation.

With extensive field experience, every technician will be able to diagnose the most complex of problems that may arise with an automated gate system. With this ability, each repair truck will be fully equipped and prepared to make any repairs necessary on the first call out.

From design, sales, installation, service, preventative maintenance and repairs, call the company you can trust for your complete automatic gate installation & repair services in Murrieta. Call Automated Gate Services Today at (888)428-3711. Helping you make it your own.


Automated Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation, Service and Repair in Redlands

Similar to many other products in the market place today, there are a number of accessory and hardware options available for automated gates. As many of these items can be specific to any particular automated gate, they may not be something found in a local hardware store. These part replacements could also be something that cannot be taken on as a Saturday afternoon project without the necessary technological experience. When needs change, up-grades are wanted or repairs are required, it’s great to have access to an automated gate hardware and accessories installation, service & repair company in Redlands.

Automated Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation, Service and Repair in Redlands

At the time of installation, a regular maintenance program should be developed and implemented. During this regular maintenance, an experienced technician, current in all new hardware and accessories available would have no problem offering recommendations to upgrade and improve the operation of an automated gate system. Other accessories may also be added if requested and hardware replaced if required.

In the unfortunate event of an automated gate malfunction, even the most complex problems can be diagnosed.

  • Vehicle detectors
  • Cantilever Hardware
  • Photo eyes
  • V- groove wheels
  • Gate chains and chain accessories
  • Hinge assemblies
  • Loop wire and sealant
  • Sensing edges
  • Time Clocks
  • Fire Boxes
  • Rubber bumpers and much more

With the correct selection of hardware and accessories, automatic gate technicians will be able to respond and repairs can be made as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding automated gate hardware and accessories installation, service & repair in Redlands or upgrade recommendations to improve the operation of your automated gate, give us a call today at Automated Gate Services (888)428-3711.  We are your gated entry and access control specialists.




Max Phantom 2000: High Traffic Commerical Brushless DC Swing Gate Operator


Low profile… Fast… High Performance….


The Max Phantom 2000 is the lowest profile gate operator available on the market and measures an incredible 15.5 inches to the top of the swing gate arm cap.  The Phantom can be installed behind shrubs or landscape to allow the gates to be the main focus of the opening and not the operators. Compatible with existing installations and in most applications the Max Phantom 2000 can be mounted onto concrete pads used by the most well known gate operators.

Mechanical Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max Phantom 2000

  • Lowest profile design in the industry, ONLY 15.5” tall
  • Max Phantom 2000 dimensions (22”W x 18.75”D x 15.5”H)
  • Heavy duty gear box 900:1 Size 80 constant lubrication using special gear oil
  • Opens gates up to 2000lb/15ft or 1500lb/20ft
  • Large output shaft 3.25” solid steel with cast iron clamping system
  • Fast speed direct drive (no chains, belts, or pulleys) opens gate
90 degrees from 11.5 to 20
  • seconds based on weight of the gate and selectable speed control
  • Mechanical and electrical manual gate release functions
  • Dual layer corrosion protection gold zinc and powder coating
  • Built-in loop rack
  • Gate operator shipping weight 216.5 lbs including operator, 1 control box, 1 swing
  • arm and battery module
  • Continuous cycle at extreme temperature range. No overheating possibility

Intelligent ramp-up and ramp-down gate speed control for smooth operation

Security Specifications

Specifications listed in blue are unique to Max Phantom 2000

  • High traffic intuitive loop management system for better security
  • Advanced security features with built-in audible and remote alarms
  • Magnetic lock control relay outputs with selectable delay times
  • Tamper alert relay outputs triggered “on” if gate is forced open
  • Audible alarm if gate is tampered with or ERD is triggered for higher security
  • Gate partial open recorder
  • Lockable cover with key lock release to prevent intruders and vandals
  • Gate disable feature, disables all inputs with exception of the fire department input
  • Built-in transaction buffer for high security
  • Gate status outputs for gate monitoring
  • Direct motor control of jog OPEN/CLOSE for manually moving a gate in case of
  • emergency
  • Advanced anti-tailgate features to provide higher security

No need for magnetic lock with the robust output shaft and clamp design of the Max Phantom 2000.

Click to view the Operator Comparison

For more information on the Max Phantom 2000 or for help selecting the right product for your application contact Steve Johnson at Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711 or