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  • Searching for Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems: Installation, Service and Repair in Orange County

    Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems: Installation, Service and Repair in Orange County

    Those searching for automatic gate telephone entry system installation, service and repair in Orange County have a great deal of homework ahead. There are many different systems with levels of capability and complexity to suit almost any business or residence.

    Here’s a great way to sort it all out: start with needs.

    • What does the business or residence need the system to do?
    • How many people will use this system?
    • What level of security is required?

    The answers to these questions will narrow the options and make decision making easier.

    Telephone systems are incredibly powerful and flexible, allowing visitors to speak directly with an office or resident in the building to gain entry or allowing for many different visitors to each have a unique access code. Considering basic needs first will help define the system requirements for an installation.

    Thereafter, there are many options to consider. For example,

    • Does the entry point require a directory, and should that be digital or on paper (or both)?
    • Does it require an automatic hold-open, to ensure that the gate remains open during certain hours?
    • What about email notifications that give management or security real-time information on the use of the gate?

    Many systems also offer an intercom function, allowing visitors to communicate with a doorman, concierge or security officer. Features like this will likely be determined by existing resources.

    • Is there a doorman, concierge or security office at the building? What hours do they operate? Can they field calls during business hours? What about at night?

    There are also technical issues to consider, such as whether the unit will be programmed on-site, or whether remote programming is required.

    No matter what the needs and the size of the system, it is important to get solid guidance on product selection and installation from a professional company that has done this work for years. If the answers to these questions aren’t coming easily to you, a veteran installer can save a great deal of time and money, offering recommendations based on experience. This company can also be invaluable when it comes to maintenance, service and repairs.

    Automated Gate Services Inc. has offered automatic gate telephone entry system installation, service and repair in Orange County for three decades, helping thousands of customers choose and install the right system. To speak with an experienced professional, please call (888) 428-3711.


  • Shopping for Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Riverside

    When shopping for automatic gate access control devices in Riverside for a home or business, there is much to consider. But one set of questions rises above the rest: who will use this entry and how will they use it?

    A business that is using an entry to take deliveries throughout the day will make very different choices than a homeowner who is interested in security on the back of their property. When looking at options, consider usage first. Two gate access control devices that may be considered are:

    Card Readers

    There are a wide variety of card readers. When using card readers, people who require entry are given an access card, which is read by a machine to open the gate. This is a great option for an entrance used by expected and regular guests.

    One variation on card readers is control devices that are keyed to transponders, such as a key fob or an access tag in a car. These can be opened by simply presenting the transponder. Many systems are designed to read these transponders at a distance, so that gates automatically open. This is a great option for commercial and residential gated entry.

    A wide variety of transponders are available, including windshield-mounted car tags, tags that hang from a rear-view mirror, tags that mount on license plates and those that can be mounted anyplace on a vehicle that is convenient.

    Keypad Entry

    With keypad entry, the person entering the gate must first type in a code on a keypad, which then opens the gate. This may be a solid option for gates that will be used by a large number of people but still require a measure of security. A private club might be a good example. A keypad system had the added benefit of being able to change the code without re-issuing cards or tags. Additionally, codes can be issued to guests at a moments notice, allowing for unexpected or irregular guests to enter.

    One option often seen with keypad entry is an intercom, which allows the person who want entry to communicate with security personnel who can grant or deny access. This can facilitate deliveries, maintenance and other services, without having to hand out the code.

    Our team at Automated Gate Services Inc. has sold and installed automatic gate access control devices in Riverside for homes and businesses for more than 35 years, and our well-trained installation teams have helped thousands of customers. To speak with an experienced and professional automatic gate designer, please call (888) 428-3711.


  • Visit Us at the 2017 Building Industry Show – November 15th and 16th in Booth 314

    2017 Building Industry Show
    OC Fair & Event Center | November 15th and 16th

    The Building Industry Show is an annual trade show exhibit for builders, associates and suppliers to come together for networking, educational sessions, and to build relationships with others in the industry. This years’ theme is “Acres of Fresh Ideas”, and will be held at the OC Fair & Event Center on November 15th and 16th.

    Automated Gate Services, Inc. will be in attendance at Booth 314 – stop by to say hello!


  • How to Select the Most Appropriate Automatic Gate Vehicle Control Equipment

    Automatic Gate Vehicle Control Equipment Installation Service & Repair near ChinoVehicle control may be necessary for any situation where cars and trucks will enter and leave an establishment. Such businesses might include airports, manufacturing companies, and even department store buildings or malls where frequent deliveries are common and must work around customer traffic. There are many things to consider for automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service & repair near Chino.

    Vehicle control equipment varies greatly depending on the type of application. Vehicle control equipment may be as simple as a metal arm that indicates where a vehicle should stop, while the driver collects a card or ticket from an automated dispenser. The card or ticket is presented as the vehicle leaves. Such devices allow motorists to move smoothly through the process of entering or leaving.

    High security properties may require more heavy-duty vehicle control equipment. These may include:

    • Hydraulic beam barrier
    • DSC 501 barricade
    • TW 4030 portable crash-rated barriers and barricades
    • Magnetic automation bollard systems

    Depending on the entry design and layout, you may be limited as to which type of vehicle control equipment is available for use. It can be extremely helpful to work with a professional and experienced company that is able to visit your property prior to installation to go over the project specifications. The guidance and expertise may save you time and money, and also help avoid any mistakes or unsafe practices.

    If you are interested in learning more about automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service & repair near Chino, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711. Our staff will be glad to discuss with you your specific needs and explore best options for vehicle traffic control. Let us help bring your vision to practice.


  • Things to Consider When Selecting Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Pomona

    automatic gate access control devices in Pomona

    Automated Gate Services, Inc., can install, service or troubleshoot your automatic gate access control devices in Pomona and surrounding areas. When you begin your search for companies who service or install automatic gate access control devices for an automated gate, you may find you have many vendors to choose from. However, not all companies will have experience and understanding of every component and how they work together: the gate, the gate operator, and the access control device.

    These gate components should not be viewed as independent and autonomous of one another. Understanding each component on its own is necessary, but even more paramount is a deep understanding of how the full system interacts and operates. The reason for this is that not every access control device will be appropriate for the gate application. The access control device you select will depend on the what type of traffic you are expecting to regularly access your gate.

    Access control devices include, but are not limited to:

    • Radio Controls
    • Card Readers
    • Keypads
    • Intercoms
    • Telephone Entry Systems
    • Long Range RFID
    • Emergency Access
    • Vehicle Loop Detectors and Loops

    When selecting the best access control device for your application, consider the gate entry design and layout. Commercial and industrial applications will vary greatly in what would be the most appropriate product. Additionally, security and reliability should be taken into consideration. Our staff is well versed with UL 325 safety standards, and works with the industry’s leading manufacturers to pass on the greatest value to our customers.

    Let the team at Automated Gate Services, Inc. help you select the most appropriate automatic gate access control devices in Pomona, just call (888)428-3711 to learn more. Our knowledgeable team understands the many different aspects of automatic gates, from the installation of the gates themselves to the human interface devices, which are an integral part of their efficient function. Our goal is to help you with controlling access to your building or area while facilitating gate operations.