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  • Where Efficiency Meets Security: Automatic Gate Vehicle Control Equipment

    automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service & repair near Fontana

    One of the most beneficial tools for a commercial property is the ability to quickly and easily grant access to vehicle traffic. Long gone are the days when you had to choose between the security of your property and the convenience of being able to enter the property without a hassle. If you are in need of such a tool, Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help with automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service & repair near Fontana.

    Automatic gate control equipment means not tying up personnel to mind the gate. The gate in question can range from a simple bar and ticket dispenser arrangement for a parking lot entry point to a strong barrier meant to keep unauthorized vehicles from entering a secure area. Giving the task of opening and closing the gate to an automatic system means that it is always available, even if all personnel are busy with other important tasks. If you are worried about your gate being out-of-service in the event of a power outage, it is an easy matter to set up a backup power source such as solar panels and batteries or a generator so that your gate is always available, even when there is a total loss of power. Automatic controls can be tied into a telephone system or connected to dedicated openers issued to key personnel – just to mention two of the many options available to you.

    Automated Gate Services, Inc, is ready to help with your automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service & repair near Fontana – we are only a phone call away at (888)428-3711. Automated gates offers a beautiful compromise between the control offered by a good gate and the convenience of moving vehicles through them quickly and efficiently. We will be more than happy to discuss with you the many different kinds of gates and automatic controllers available to you – as well as your options for powering them.


  • How Your Property Can Benefit From Proximity Card Readers

    Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in San Bernadino

    Commercial properties are often secured with a perimeter fence and an automated electric gate. During business hours, some businesses leave the gate open to allow for the coming and going of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and others leave the entrance closed at all times for a variety of reasons. For the properties that choose to leave their entrance closed to unauthorized personnel during all hours of the day, a proximity card reader may be the best option for an automatic gate access control devices in San Bernadino.

    Proximity card readers are a wonderful option for large or small gated commercial properties for a multitude of reasons. Proximity card readers can read many different types of access cards and tags, giving the end user the freedom to choose which kind of access card or tag will work best for them instead of being limited to the type of card or tag that the proximity card read is compatible with. Proximity card readers have a range on average of up to 25 feet, which is ideal for properties where cars and trucks are regularly accessing the gate so personnel need not leave their vehicle to gain access. A proximity card reader can be mounted directly inside a vehicle so that employees and personnel do not need to carry the access card on their person. Proximity card readers are also desirable because they require no maintenance. Physical contact is not required when using these cards, and the data can grant access through any type of material except metal – meaning that your building materials (unless they are metal) will not hinder the ability to utilize the proximity card reader for access. In addition to entrances, proximity card readers can be used for indoor applications, restricting access to certain areas of the building.

    Automatic Gate Services, Inc. can provide a variety of automatic gate control devices in San Bernadino, including proximity card readers. For more information or to set up an initial consultation, call (888)428-3711 to discuss the option best for you. Your selections are by no means limited to proximity card readers, and once we learn more about your specific business operations we can help make recommendations for the best access control device options for your property.


  • Murrieta Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair

    Murrieta automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair

    Telephone entry systems are an efficient way to track traffic in and out of your business. Automatic Gate Services can manage your Murrieta automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair. Our techs are prepared to work on a broad variety of telephone entry systems.

    Telephone entry systems can be used at all sorts of gated entries – from simple arm guards used to regulate parking entries, to secure entry areas where keeping a record of those who enter and leave is of importance. More than that, however, it is convenient. Employees can have their cell phones keyed to the system, or it can be set up with keypads or passwords. By automating your gated entry systems, not only can you create a record of traffic, you also free up your personnel to deal with more pressing matters. Telephone entry systems have come a long way with new technology and can now utilize either a standard analog phone line, IP address that is hard wired or wireless with wifi connection as well as an option available making the unit cellular compatible. More than that, multiple doors can be tied into the system, facilitating guiding guests within your building or limiting access to specific areas. A recording of traffic can be saved along with your other security surveillance, which can be of great benefit in event of an emergency – especially when the footage is saved off-site. Saving to an off-site location provides an extra layer of insurance for your traffic records which can be valuable in the event of an accident or similar incident.

    Automatic Gate Services can manage your Murrieta automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair, call (888)428-3711 to learn more. We are prepared to make new installations or to perform maintenance on set-ups that are already in place. We can also handle repairs on a broad variety of equipment types.


  • When Seconds Count: Emergency Vehicle Access for Your Gated Entry

    automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma

    If you have recently installed an automated gate, or are considering making upgrades to your existing system, you might be surprised to learn about all of the available options for automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma. For example, a key feature of gated entries is that they are secure. Typically, only authorized personnel are able to enter via the means of the gate access control system – whether that means a lock and key, remote control, card reader, digital lockbox, key pad, or some other device. Under nearly all circumstances, you want to be able to keep unwanted guests out.

    But, what about in the event of an emergency? Unfortunately, if your gate is able to keep out people who have not directly been given access to your gate, this usually includes emergency vehicles. If your building is on fire, you may have to scramble to communicate a digital code to enter, or your gate may be rammed and heavily damaged so that emergency personnel can enter the property. Fortunately, automated gate technology is quite advanced, and there are solutions for these very situations. Automatic gate hardware and accessories include vehicle access devices, such as emergency vehicle strobe detectors.

    Emergency vehicle strobe detector systems provide rapid access to automatic gates and secured areas. The standard Opticom type operational strobe of the emergency vehicle is the “key” to unlock your automated gate. The fire strobe detector will not allow false operation with unwanted signals from radio interference and/or flashing headlights or loud sounds. They can be used for a wide variety of applications – including military and government properties, residential and commercial spaces, gated communities and more. They are a very reliable tool, and can help save precious time for emergency responders who are trying to come to your aid. Emergency vehicle strobe detectors are advanced enough to be able to tell the difference between an emergency vehicle that is simply passing through your area, and one that is at the front of the gate awaiting entry.

    Emergency vehicle access is critical if your home or business is using an automated gate. Compatible with a huge variety of gate operators, an emergency access system is an extremely valuable tool to consider installing. For more information on automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma, contact Automated Gate Services at (888)428-3711.


  • Apple Valley Automatic Gate Operators Installation Service & Repair

    Apple Valley Automatic Gate Operators Installation Service & Repair

    Automatic gate operators are the mechanical devices that open and close gates. They come in a variety of types: slide, swing, parking, and actuator gate operators. They can be operated using standard AC electrical current, or they can be set up to operate off solar power. Each type has its own specific purpose. Understanding the difference between automatic gate operators in Apple Valley will help you decide which type of installation will work best for your property.

    Slide gates and swing gates are often used for entryways and exits – slide gates “slide” on their tracks, and in comparison, swing gates “swing” open and out from their hinges. Both slide gates and swing gates can operate one single panel or two. The gates can be strictly utilitarian, or they can be ornamental.

    You might know parking gate operators as “barrier gate openers” since the operator arm is designed in a way to block traffic until authorized access is granted for vehicle entrance or exit. Ensure your parking gate operator is powered so it can quickly and easily open and lift the barrier arm.

    Actuator gate operators are designed to operate conveniently and efficiently in a compact design. The actuator mounts directly to the pilaster and gate, eliminating the need for concrete mounting pads. Properly powering your actuator gate operators is important, especially if it will be accessed at a high volume.

    Automated Gate Services, Inc., can take care of your Apple Valley automatic gate operators installation service & repair, call (888)428-3711 to learn more about how we can work for you. Our technical team can install new gate operators or they can troubleshoot and repair most existing installations. We will discuss your expectations for your gate, and listen carefully to your description of the behavior of existing gates as part of discovering the reason for any difficulty the gate is having during normal operation. Our goal is for your gated entry to operate smoothly and reliably for years to come.