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Automatic electric gates play an important role in securing the perimeter of commercial and industrial properties. While their primary purpose is to control access to your facility, customers often overlook the additional benefits of making access a simplified and streamlined process. Commercial electric gates help to save time and also reduce the burdens of staff … Continue reading Worth the Investment: Commercial Electric Gate Installation in Orange County

Our office will be closed on Monday, May 29th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Contact Us Memorial Day…It’s the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude all those who served and died for our country and our freedom. May your day be filled with memories and peace. God bless America. Greater love … Continue reading Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Automated Gate Services, Inc., has everything you need for barrier gate installation service & repair in Riverside. Barrier gates can range from a simple bar that reminds people or vehicles in a queue to stop and wait for the next person to clear an area before proceeding, right up through a strong, industrial gate or … Continue reading Barrier Gate Installation Service & Repair in Riverside

No matter how sophisticated your gate or entry system, it is only as secure as your access control system in Chino. Fortunately, there are a variety of options from which to choose an option that will be suited to your home or business. Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help demystify the many options to enable … Continue reading Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Chino

Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help you to know who is at your door with automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & Repair in Pomona. No doubt, you have seen those old movies where the gentleman caller presses a buzzer at the door of a brownstone apartment, and the object of his affections either presses … Continue reading Know Who Is At Your Door With Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

Automatic gates have a variety of uses – ranging from helping to establish a formal entry to a gated community to controlling traffic flow at an airport, or creating secure areas in an industrial complex. Through gate hardware and accessories, you can transform a standard gate to meet many different needs of your commercial or industrial … Continue reading Customize Your Gate With Hardware and Accessories Installation Service & Repair Long Beach