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  • Worth the Investment: Commercial Electric Gate Installation in Orange County

    Automated Gate Services, Inc. for commercial electric gate installation, service or repair in Orange CountyAutomatic electric gates play an important role in securing the perimeter of commercial and industrial properties. While their primary purpose is to control access to your facility, customers often overlook the additional benefits of making access a simplified and streamlined process. Commercial electric gates help to save time and also reduce the burdens of staff by automating the process while maintaining security. If you are exploring ways in which you can improve security or limit access to your property, consider working with Automated Gate Services, Inc. for commercial electric gate installation, service or repair in Orange County.

    Electric gates provide both a strong and durable physical barrier, as well as the gate operator that powers the gate to open and close. Both of these components come in a variety of different product types in order to fit the needs of your company. For example, different options for your electric gate may include a swing gate, sliding gate, or barrier gate. The amount of space at the entrance to your gate is a major factor in determining which gate type is best suited for your needs, as well as how frequently it will be accessed, and by whom. Granting vehicle access will require a much broader area and more power than a pedestrian gate would. Further customization of your electric gate comes with the access control devices you’d like to apply.

    We offer an extensive variety of products and gate types and have many years of experience working with customers across multiple industries. If your property is held to specific regulatory requirements, we will work with you to ensure your new installation is within compliance. We understand that commercial electric gates are an investment, and that is why we guarantee the highest quality of service for your project. Contact Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 for commercial electric gate installation, service or repair in Orange County.


  • Happy Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Our office will be closed on Monday, May 29th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

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    Memorial Day…It’s the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude all those who served and died for our country and our freedom. May your day be filled with memories and peace. God bless America.

    Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  John 15:13


  • Barrier Gate Installation Service & Repair in Riverside

    barrier gate installation service & repair in RiversideAutomated Gate Services, Inc., has everything you need for barrier gate installation service & repair in Riverside. Barrier gates can range from a simple bar that reminds people or vehicles in a queue to stop and wait for the next person to clear an area before proceeding, right up through a strong, industrial gate or door that means business about precluding entry to an area. Regardless of the type of gate, your interests are best served when that gate is functioning properly. Regular service visits can minimize repairs – but we do those, as well.

    Barrier gates might be found at the entrance to a theater or a public transport area. They can also be utilized in loading and unloading zones, parking areas, and even at the entrance of a secure area such as a gated community or military base. They often are integrated with other security systems, such as cameras, telephone entry systems or keycard security systems. A variety of things can cause a gate to malfunction, depending upon the environment, and how often it is used and serviced. For example, an outdoor gate might be affected by weather, and a gate that experiences a high volume of traffic may become worn more quickly than a gate that is utilized less frequently. When a gate becomes unreliable or begins showing signs of wear, intervention from a gate technician is often required to clear the problem.

    Automated Gate Services, Inc., has years of experience and an expert team of technicians ready to assist with barrier gate installation service & repair in Riverside, call (888)428-3711 to learn more. Our technicians understand a broad variety of gate applications and can easily adapt to the needs of your gate. We understand very well that your security gate is at its best when it performs the way it is intended. Therefore, we make it a point to get to you as quickly as possible when repairs are needed.


  • Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Chino

    Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Chino

    No matter how sophisticated your gate or entry system, it is only as secure as your access control system in Chino. Fortunately, there are a variety of options from which to choose an option that will be suited to your home or business. Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help demystify the many options to enable you to make the best selection for your situation.

    The characteristics of a good access control device include methods of authenticating the person who is entering, security record keeping, and reliable customer service. Options for authentication include keypad entry code, pass cards, vocal and visual identification as is used in telephone entry systems, access using a cell phone and identifying barcodes on vehicles. An example of a two-step system might be a system that required a keypad code to open a security box, that was then followed up by swiping a card.

    Secure record keeping that tracks people who enter and leave your building can also be valuable. Reliable customer service might include a system that tracks security records off site, and certainly, would include troubleshooting or being on hand in case of an emergency.

    Another characteristic of a good access control device is provision for fire or other disasters affecting the building, as well as alarms that will go off if there is an attempted burglary.

    Call Automated Gate Services, Inc, at (888)428-3711, to set up your free consultation to discuss the options that are best for your access control devices in Chino. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to go over the options available to you, as well as our customer service and emergency service policies.


  • Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

    Know Who Is At Your Door With Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

    Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

    Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help you to know who is at your door with automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & Repair in Pomona. No doubt, you have seen those old movies where the gentleman caller presses a buzzer at the door of a brownstone apartment, and the object of his affections either presses a button to admit him, or denies entry and tells him to never darken her door again.

    Fortunately, telephone entry systems for automatic gates have improved since those days.

    They can include entry codes for residents or employees – depending on the situation. They might also have the functionality seen in those vintage black and white movies – the ability to “buzz” someone into the building. But more importantly, they can include records of those who go in and out of an entry way. Closed circuit video can provide visual information for the person on the inside of the building. More than that, automated systems can manage several doors at once, while channeling information about each entrance and exit to a central record keeping location. In the more sophisticated systems, the information can even be searched using the entry code of each user, the location of the entry, and time of day. This function creates added value for large, busy systems such as multistory apartment buildings, large business complexes and even for colleges and universities.

    To learn more about automated gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair in Pomona, contact Automated Gate Services, Inc., at (888)428-3711. One of our representatives will be glad to discuss your telephone entry system needs, and help you sort through the many options available to you. Our goal is for you to have the system that will work for you.


  • Customize Your Gate With Hardware and Accessories Installation Service & Repair Long Beach

    hardware and accessories installation service & repair in Long BeachAutomatic gates have a variety of uses – ranging from helping to establish a formal entry to a gated community to controlling traffic flow at an airport, or creating secure areas in an industrial complex. Through gate hardware and accessories, you can transform a standard gate to meet many different needs of your commercial or industrial property. Automated Gate Services, Inc. provides hardware and accessories installation service & repair in Long Beach.

    Gate hardware and accessories are essential parts of the workability of automatic gates. Hardware and accessories are also what can make a gate unique and customized to suit your specific needs. Hardware for your automated gate includes parts and components that are necessary for the smooth operation of the gate, and accessories generally include the fun extras, such as loops and loop detectors for vehicle traffic, as well as battery back-up and even closed circuit TV for security cameras. If you already have an automated gate, it is never too late to try out new hardware and accessories. If you do decide to add new hardware or accessories, we recommend letting a knowledgeable and experienced technician do the work for you. They will be able to ensure the parts are installed correctly, and can also advice you on the best ways to maintain the new equipment. Not all hardware is a good fit for all gates and applications, and it may be a good idea to seek out a technician for this purpose, as well, prior to making any purchases. If you have not yet had an automatic gate installed, take advantage of a free estimate for your new installation and we will help explain the options in hardware and accessories for your new automated gate.

    Selecting hardware and accessories that work well with your sort of gate is vital to longevity, wear, and functionality. We specialize in providing automated gate hardware and accessories installation service & repair in Long Beach, just call us at (888)428-3711 to learn more. We are always glad to educate others about the components required for smooth operation of automatic gates and will be happy to answer your questions.