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  • AGS to Attend FirstService Residential California Dreamin’ Inland Empire Vendor Fair

    FirstService Residential California Dreamin’ Inland Empire Vendor Fair | Monday, May 15th
    Automated Gate Services, Inc., will be dressed to impress in our California-themed attire for the FirstService Residential California Dreamin’ Inland Empire Vendor Fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

    About FirstService Residential

    FirstService Residential is the leading residential property management company in North America.

    FirstService Residential provides full-service, professional association management services to thousands of properties and residential units across the United States and Canada.


  • Remote Gate Installation Service & Repair in Riverside

    remote gate installation, service and repair in Riverside

    When you want to add a little curb appeal to your home or business that will provide some peace of mind as well, it may be time to think about an automatic gate. Dazzle up your driveway with an elegant iron gate with your monogram that automatically opens, or instead choose a heavy-duty gate to keep out unwanted visitors at your place of business. If you want to learn more about remote gate installation, service and repair in Riverside, Automated Gate Services, Inc. is the place to call.

    You will appreciate the convenience and simplicity of a remote controlled automatic gate. We have many different types of automatic gates that can serve a myriad of different residential and commercial properties. During our initial consultation, we can help you decide what kind of remote gate works best for you.

    Here are some things you may want to consider when exploring your options:

    1. Who will need to access the gate?
      With your remote gate, we can program it for as many or as few people who need access for it. You can even set up the remote gate to work with multiple ways to be granted entry, giving you more control and security. Access can be made as simple or as detailed as necessary for your application.
    2. How often will the gate be opened and closed to allow traffic through?
      If you will have a remote gate that is accessed at a high volume, you will want a gate that can raise and lower quickly so you will not impede the flow of traffic, and also a gate that has the power and endurance for the steady flow of traffic through the gate.
    3. Is it necessary to include emergency vehicle access?
      We strongly recommend installing emergency vehicle access capabilities with your remote gate, especially in commercial applications. This allows emergency vehicles, such as the fire department or ambulances, to be able to enter through your gate in case of an emergency. If you do not install such emergency vehicle access with your remote gate, your gate may be torn down in the event they must enter, or worse, they will not be able to get through at all.

    We are happy to help you make an informed decision regarding your remote gate installation. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 to learn more about remote gate installation, service and repair in Riverside. We offer free estimates on new installation and have an exceptional customer service staff who will help you through the process.


  • Driveway Automated Electric Gate Installation Service & Repair in Chino

    Driveway Automated Electric Gate Installation Service & Repair in ChinoWhether you’re considering a lovely gate design to beautify your property, or to help boost security and privacy, a driveway gate is a great idea. For businesses, it helps keep your property free of unwanted or unauthorized visitors by restricting access. Whether you own one already and require maintenance, or you’d like a new one installed on your property, choose Automated Gate Services, Inc. when it comes to driveway automated electric gate installation, service and repair in Chino.

    The great thing about a driveway gate is that it is automated, and the ways of access are customizable to fit your needs. Whether you choose a simple access control device such as a remote control, or a more complex system of unique key codes for several hundred users, you have the ability to customize the driveway gate to make it work best for you. Another benefit to automatic driveway gates for many customers is that you don’t need an attendant or security guard at your residence or business to be able to let cars through the gate. You control the automated system, and set it up so it as convenient for you as possible. Our team has many years of experience helping customers across a wide variety of industries, and can help make suggestions to you as far as what might be ideal for your property. Driveway gates can be further customized by adding any number of accessories, such as an intercom or security cameras. For our commercial customers, among the most valued aspects of an automated electric gate, however, is the ability to receive reporting on the gate, where information is stored on who accessed the driveway gate and when. This information is helpful for shedding light on simple things such as looking up if a shipment was delivered on time, to more serious insights such as staff compliance.

    Many of our customers use automatic driveway gates as a helpful tool in the day to day happenings of their business operations, and we would be happy to help you create a system that works for you, as well. To learn more about driveway automated electric gate installation, service and repair in Chino, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711. Our team looks forward to working with you.


  • Put to Good Use a Commercial Electric Gate for Your Property

    commercial electric gate installation, service and repair in Pomona

    Perhaps one of the most important features of a secure, commercial property, is having an electric gate that supplies you with several useful functions. Electric gates have come a long way since only providing the function of a gate. They now are designed to be beautiful complements to your property, provide helpful data if you are set up to track who is entering and leaving your property, and act as an additional level of security with the capability of granting access to authorized personnel only through the use of keycards or digital codes. If your business is curious about commercial electric gate installation, service and repair in Pomona, Automated Gate Services, Inc. has a team of professionals that can help you not only select the right type of gate, but also provide you with installation and maintenance services.

    When deciding on the best electric gate for your property, you will have the option of choosing between a few basic styles of electric gate. A cantilevered gate slides out, and gives entry to up to 120 feet if a double gate is installed. A swing gate will swing either in or out, depending on your preferences. Swing gates are smaller, and extend to roughly 48 feet, which is still large enough for a car, but may not suffice for a place that has large industrial machinery. Another option is a vertical lift gate, which lifts up and down instead of swinging in or out. These are a great way to add vehicles access to your property, but are not always the best choice for high-traffic establishments (such as a parking garage) as they require very regular maintenance. A pedestrian gate restricts pedestrian traffic, allowing individual access through restricted or non-restricted areas. No matter which gate best fits your needs, you can always add accessories and customizations for entry access, work with our installation team on the style and design, and we will always assist you in learning the ins and outs of your new system.

    Here at Automated Gate, we can help you choose which type of gate is best for you based on your preferences and logistics. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 to find out more information on commercial electric gate installation, services and repair in Pomona or to request a quote.


  • Automatic Gate Vehicle Control Equipment Installation Service & Repair in Ontario

    automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation, service & repair in Ontario

    Whether you are trying to provide safety and security at a manufacturing plant, airport, or in some other commercial or industrial environment, sometimes strong measures are needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you are trying to prevent unauthorized persons or vehicles from entering, or are trying to stop potential tailgating, vehicle control equipment does exactly that – controls the flow of vehicles so that they do not gain entry or cause damage to your property or facility. There are several different measures you can take to ensure safety and security, and for automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation, service & repair in Ontario, Automated Gate Services, Inc. is your one-stop shop.

    If you have never considered installing vehicle control equipment for your property, feel free to sit down and discuss with one of our certified gate specialists what the best option for you may be. Once we understand your unique needs and goals for your property, we can help make recommendations on the most effective equipment to install. The level of security among barriers and barricade systems varies. While it may not be necessary for your parking garage to install a barricade system, a beam barrier may be the best fit. For example, a hydraulic beam barrier helps the flow of traffic by lowering and raising a heavy-duty gate arm. These are very effective for controlling traffic, but some of our clients need a higher level of security and protection. For our customers with maximum security properties, we might recommend a barricade. A DSC 501 Barricade offers the highest level of barricade protection. Certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, they are easy to operate, and come with vehicle safety loop detection. These systems are installed in the ground and so are not visible until deployed, and completely block entry and exit points on demand. Other options include bollard systems. Our bollard systems provide three levels of protection, are also certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, and raise and lower in mere seconds. You can see from the variances in these examples why we like to work with our customers to help them find the most appropriate application for their properties.

    Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 to learn about automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation, service & repair in Ontario. With no obligation, we are happy to educate you on our services and products to see how your commercial or industrial property might benefit from vehicle control equipment. Put our experience to work for you.