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  • CACM

    AGS Exhibits at CACM Southern California Law Seminar and Expo March 17-18, 2016

    As a member of a community association, it is agreed there should be some set of standards within the community. This may mean there would be no keeping of barn yard animals or installing a mote surrounding one’s home. It may also mean having an individual field questions from residents regarding things like pets, security issues, vendors and zoning laws. The community association manager is the person that should have these answers, be current on state laws and acceptable vendors in their particular residential area.  Vendors, being part of the community and understanding the need for associations are more than willing to share pertinent information regarding their product with these community managers. Automated Gate Services is one such vendor and will have an exhibit at the CACM Southern California Law Seminar and Expo March 17-18, 2016.


    Being prepared with the information needed is what professional community managers do.

    Attending the California Association of Community Managers, (CACM) Law Seminar and Expo is an education in standards and professionalism. It is also a smorgasbord of information from a wide variety of vendors, high in demand by community residents

    Automated Gate Services are in high demand by both residential land commercial property owners dealing with every aspect of gate automation. The services offered may include but are not limited to:

    • certified design, installation, service, sales, parts and repair
    • perimeter security specialists
    • maintenance, preventative maintenance programs and a will call diagnostic center
    • residential and commercial operators
    • gate hardware and accessories
    • access control devices including telephone, keypad, card swipe entry systems and programming, radio  control and transmitters
    • vehicle control equipment
    • barrier arms
    • turnstiles
    • fire and emergency services lock boxes and key switches

    For the information required for your community association, visit us at booth #415 in the ‘Made in California’ exhibit hall during the CACM Southern California Law Seminar and Expo March 17-18, 2016 or give us a call today at Automated Gate Services (888)428-3711.


  • IDEA

    Certification Credentials Awarded to a Team of Automated Gate Designers

    It is extremely rewarding for any company when staff are recognized by peers, colleagues and industry experts by being awarded with certification in their chosen profession. It is the commitment and dedication of these staff members that elevates the level of professionalism in whatever company or industry they represent. Although experience plays a large role in an individuals or company’s success, it is education that provides the bases for that experience. It is obviously a combination of the two that allowed the IDEA to issue certification credentials to a team of automated gate systems designers.


    In order to achieve certification in this field, each individual must demonstrate a high level of knowledge and expertise in the design of automated gate systems. The process of course, goes much deeper than the system design alone, a candidate for this certification must have a complete understanding of the systems components and its technologies. A superior level of knowledge regarding the safety standards applicable to automated gate systems is also required.

    Developed in 1995 by representatives of different organizations in the industry, the purpose of the IDEA or Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation is to promote a high level of professional standards in the industry. These standards would include those pertaining to public safety, product quality and facility security.

    Education certification by IDEA is not limited to automated gate systems designers alone. Professional certification programs are also available for automated gate operator installation as well as other residential and commercial door and access systems installers and technicians.

    We invite all our clients, past, present and future to join us in congratulating these individuals in earning certification credentials as automated gate systems designers. When considering the installation of a commercial or residential automated gate system, call the company with the highly professional, certified staff; call Automated Gate Services today at (888)428-3711.


  • Commercial Electric Gate Installation Service and Repair in Irvine

    Keep Workplace Injuries on the Decline with Commercial Electric Gate Installation Service and Repair in Irvine

    According to the United States Department of Labor in 2014, work place accidents have been on the decline for a good number of years; even with an increase in labor force over those years. This decline can be due to any number of factors the least of which is the recognition by employers that the success of any business is greatly dependent on their employees. Despite this decline in injuries, most commercial enterprises prepare for any eventuality continuously seeking methods to increase employee safety. One such method is through the consultation of a company specializing in commercial electric gate installation service and repair in Irvine.

    Commercial Electric Gate Installation Service and Repair in Irvine

    Working with a company offering a complete electric gate service with nationally certified designers, installers, electricians as well as security consultants will provide assurance in capability. Having extremely well trained service technicians current on all the newest automated gate equipment will provide comfort that only state of the art technologies are used.

    In the unlikely event an emergency situation occurs on site, it is extremely important for emergency services to be aware how many persons are on the property. A commercial electric gate installed on site can help provide this information.

    Regardless the style of electric gate installed, access control devices such as a key card or key pad entry system and/or CCTV equipment can be used to report who enters and exits the facility and when. This system will also prevent any unauthorized entry. Most likely operating on a separate power source and fitted with emergency access vaults or key switches, emergency personnel will be able to ensure all employees are safely evacuated when needed without hesitation.

    With continuous safety training, supervision and a company specializing in commercial electric gate installation service and repair in Irvine, workplace injuries can remain on the decline. For more information give us a call today at Automated Gate Services, (888)428-3711.